Kling Valley Standard Poodles
Puppy Deposit Agreement


It has been mutually agreed by BUYER and KLING VALLEY STANDARD POODLES that the following puppy is being purchased:

Dog Breed:

Puppy Birth Date:_________________________________________________________________________________

Dam's Name: _____________________________________________________________________________________

Sire's Name:______________________________________________________________________________________

Description of Puppy: ________________________________________________________

Purchase price of puppy $
___________________________________ Less Deposit $________________________

Balance is due by the time the puppy is 8 WEEKS of age. Amount Due: $ ________________ Date /Due:______________________

The following stipulations apply to this Deposit:

Kling Valley Standard Poodles does NOT deliver puppies. Pick up arrangements must be made prior to pick up date. Puppies are ready no sooner than 8 weeks . If puppy is not picked up by 8 weeks of age, deposit will be forfeited and puppy will be resold.

Puppies will have a 3-Year Health Guarantee, their 1st set of shots and proper de-worming at time of pick up (or delivery).

THERE ARE NO REFUNDS ON DEPOSITS! This deposit signifies intent on behalf of the Buyer to follow through with the purchase transaction of the puppy. The deposit paid will only be refunded in the unfortunate event that the puppy has died BEFORE leaving breeder. Your signature below is evidence that you have read the above statement and are in agreement and that you understand this contract is legally binding, with any subsequent lawsuits, judgments to take place in the State of Arkansas.

Buyer’s Signature: __________________________________________________________

Buyer’s Printed Name: ____________________________________________ Date: ______________

Buyer’s Address:_________________________________________________________________

City:____________________________________State: ________________ Zip:___________

Phone: __________________________________E-mail Address______________________________


Seller(s) Signature:______________________________________/_______________________________________

Seller(s) Printed name:_____________________________________/______________________________________

Dog is GOD spelled Backwards because they are a reflection of His Undying and Devoted Love and should be loved accordingly in return.