Kling Valley Standard Poodles

Stud Service Agreement

On / /2017 now referred to as the Stud Dog Owner, has agreed to breed the stud dog listed below with the bitch that is also listed below who is owned/ leased by _________________________________________________________ who will now be referred to as the Breeder.

Stud Dog Owner





Stud Dog

Registered Name____________________________________________

Birth Date__________________________________________________



Microchip #________________________________________________

AKC/APRI #____________________________________________________

Sire of Stud________________________________________________

Dam of Stud________________________________________________







Registered Name____________________________________________

Birth Date__________________________________________________



Microchip #________________________________________________

AKC /APRI#____________________________________________________

Sire of Bitch________________________________________________

Dam of Bitch_______________________________________________

Stud Dog Owner:

The Stud Dog Owner warrants that no other dog but the stud listed above will be introduced or bred to the above listed bitch. Special care and attention will be provided to ensure against any accidental breeding while the bitch is in residence of the Stud Dog Owner. (If the bitch is to take residence with the Stud Dog Owner.)

The Stud Dog Owner shall provide all reasonable care for said bitch while she is in the Stud Dog Owner's charge including feeding, water, exercise, and affection.

Every precaution will be taken to ensure against any disease, injury, accident, loss, or death of the bitch. If veterinary care is needed at any time while the bitch is in the Stud Dog Owner's care the Breeder is expected to reimburse the Stud Dog Owner for said costs. Stud Dog Owner is not held responsible for any of the above occurrences, unless said occurrences were due to gross negligence on their part.

The Stud Dog Owner warrants that their dog is current on all vaccinations, worming, flea and tick control. The Stud Dog Owner will also supply at least one good color picture of the Stud Dog and one pedigree ranging from three to six generations.

Stud Service Contract

The Stud Dog Owner will have the bitch bred at minimum, twice (unless other arrangements have been previously arranged with the Breeder). T

Stud Dog Owner agrees to provide the bitch owner with a written receipt for the stud service and a record of the breeding dates.


The stud fee for this breeding is $_____________ to be paid on/ before the time the bitch arrives at the Stud Dog Owner's residence. ALL STUD FEES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE.

It is guaranteed that if at least two puppies are born dead or alive they constitute the litter. However if only two puppies, born dead, result from this breeding a return service will be issued within one and a half year period with no fee except the possibility of choosing a puppy at a lower or reduced cost. The Stud Dog Owner will also provide a return service of the same dog to the same bitch if no pregnancy results from the mating at no charge. To receive the return service, the bitch owner must notify the Stud Dog Owner of failure to conceive, in writing no more than 50 days following the mating. If the stud dog is no longer available for whatever reason for a return service, the Stud Dog Owner reserves the right to offer a different stud to the bitch owner.

Any free return service (as noted above) will be given ONLY to the bitch noted in this contract. Should said bitch die or become unable or fail to conceive or carry a litter, or contract a contagious illness such as Brucellosis, etc that could affect the stud dog, the Stud Dog Owner is no longer obligated to offer a free return service.

If monetary stud fee is waived by Stud Dog Owner for choice of " pick puppy" of the said litter, the following applies: $100.00 non-refundable deposit is paid to the Stud Dog Owner when the contract has been signed by both parties. Breeder will forward Stud Dog Owner several close-up detailed pictures of the litter during different periods of growth from 3 weeks of age up to 7 weeks. The 7 week old pictures will show all puppies of the litter in "stacked" positions from all four sides as to allow the Stud Dog Owner to see the conformation of the puppies. Breeder agrees that no puppies in said litter will be "promised, kept, or sold" until Stud Dog Owner has made their pick. Stud Dog Owner does agree to make a pick within three weeks from the date the pictures are provided.

Any puppy picked by the Stud Dog Owner will carry their kennel name unless an arrangement has been made between both parties prior to the breeding taking place. .


⦁Breeder warrants that the bitch listed and described is owned/ leased by them and that they have every right therefore to perform this breeding. If Breeder leases the bitch, the Stud Dog Owner will be supplied with a copy of the lease agreement between Breeder and Owner.
⦁Breeder warrants that the bitch listed and described above is current on all vaccinations, and is free of all worms, fleas, and ticks. Said bitch has been tested for Brucellosis and found to be negative within 20 days prior to introduction of the stud dog (this is for the exceptional live covers if the breeding is being done by AI it is not needed). Copies of above mentioned test results proofs must be forwarded to Stud Dog Owner in a timely manner in order for this breeding to occur, unless stated otherwise.
⦁Breeder is responsible for all shipping costs of the bitch to and from the Stud Owner's premises. If shipping is accomplished by the Stud Dog Owner driving more than 30 miles from home, Breeder will reimburse Stud Dog Owner for gas usage of their vehicle. No bitch is to be sent COD or collect to Stud Dog Owner.
⦁If Breeder is requiring fresh chilled or fresh frozen semen collection from above listed stud dog, Breeder will assume all monetary costs for the procedures. This includes but is not limited to collection of sperm, shipment via the most expedient way and artificial insemination of bitch upon arrival. Al the same requirements, health tests, and statements of this contract will still apply to both parties.
⦁Breeder will notify Stud Dog Owner as soon as referenced bitch comes into heat earlier, so that arrangements can be made in a timely manner to ship/ breed.
⦁Breeder warrants that above listed and described bitch has not been introduced to any other males at any times during this current heat forwarding to Stud Dog Owner's facilities. Breeder also guarantees this bitch will not be exposed to any other males after this Breeding upon her return home. All care will be taken by the Breeder to prevent contact until such time as her heat cycle ends.
Breeder will supply Stud Dog Owner with enough food supply for the bitch while in the care of the Stud Dog Owner. If food cannot be supplied by the Breeder, Stud Dog Owner will be notified of Brand, etc, and make every effort to accommodate the bitch. Breeder will reimburse Stud Dog Owner for any food and supplements that will be fed to the bitch while in the care of the Stud Dog Owner. If the bitch remains at the Stud Dog Owner's facility beyond 2 days, Breeder will pay $8.00 per day boarding fee for every day over the first 2 days.

Upon validation of this contract Breeder agrees to furnish Stud Dog Owner with the following as it pertains to said bitch.
1.Copy of Brucellosis test results
2.If Breeder leases bitch, lease agreement between bitch and Owner and Breeder
3.Copy of ANY/ ALL registration papers
4.A three to six generation pedigree
5.At least two color photos of the bitch
6.The phone number of the Breeder's veterinarian

Breeder agrees to the following regarding the litter(s) that result(s) from this and or return breeding:
⦁All puppies dewclaws will be removed in conformance with AKC/APRI conformation standard on/ or before puppies are three days old at Breeder's expense.
⦁All puppies with serious birth defects must be humanely euthanized on or before they are three days old at the expenses of the Breeder. Written verification (by licensed veterinarian) must be submitted to Stud Dog Owner in a timely manner.
⦁All non-lethal disqualifying mis-marked puppies will be sold as pets only with limited registration and spay/ neuter contracts only.
⦁All puppies (pet or show quality) sold from this litter will be sold with a puppy contract the same or similar to Stud Dog Owner's contracts
⦁Breeder warrants that absolutely NO puppies from this breeding will be sold into or by the commercial dog market. This includes but is not limited to pet stores, puppy mills, and mall stores. Failure to ensure this on the part of the Breeder could result in suit of damages.
⦁Breeder warrants that absolutely NO puppies from this breeding will be released to or handed into any shelter, SPCA, Humane Society, or rescue organization.
⦁Breeder will supply Stud Dog Owner with color photographs of all surviving puppies of this litter.


Both parties agree that all paperwork required in this document will be supplied to the applicable party, It is also understood and agreed that the Stud Dog Owner has the right to refuse to breed listed stud if any paperwork submitted by Breeder does not meet the requirements of the Stud Dog Owner. This includes (but is not limited to) health certificates, pedigrees, etc.

It is also agreed and understood by both parties that any and all money, paperwork, pictures, or requirements that are not sent in a timely manner or not met, will be considered a breach of this contract and thus, Stud Dog Owner has no obligation to sign the applicable litter registration papers until requirements are met by the breeder, or vice-versa.

The signatures below constitute an agreement of the above listed terms by both the Stud Dog Owner and Breeder. Any legal action taken by either party pertaining to this contract will be done in Columbia County in the state of Florida.

Breeder Printed name:__________________________________


Breeder Signature:________________________________________________Date:______________

Stud Dog Owner Printed name:_______________________________

Stud Dog Owner Signature:_________________________________________Date:______________