Kling Valley Standard Poodles

Health Guarantee/Return Contract

  • Vaccinations and Worming (age appropriate), including a record of such.

  • Dew claws removed (if dew claws grow back, they are the buyer’s responsibility).

  • AKC or APRI Registration Application (limited or full depending on contract).


Breed: _____________________________

Registration Number: _______________________Sex:__________ Color: ________________________

Sire: _____________________________________ Dam: ______________________________________

Purchase Price: $_______________________ Date of Birth__________________________


Holding Agreement: A deposit is required to hold your puppy. The seller guarantees the buyer that the dog will not be sold to any other buyer as long as the buyer adheres to the Picking Up your Puppy guideline. The deposit is non-refundable and will be applied to the purchase price of the dog. You may send a money order or send a WalMart to WalMart MoneyGram or meet and give Cash. Remainder of the puppy price will need to be paid when picking the puppy up. If you are paying when you pick the puppy up, it will need to be with cash.. No personal checks! Puppy picks and visits will not be made until the puppies have received their first vaccinations at six weeks of age in order to ensure that your puppy is protected from diseases that an outside person can bring in, unless the buyer chooses to pick from pictures earlier.

Picking up Your Puppy: Your puppy needs to be picked up within 3 days after the puppy reaches 8 weeks of age unless other arrangements have been made PRIOR to the 8 week age. If no arrangements have been made and puppy is not picked up within 3 days of turning 8 weeks, the contract will be void and another buyer will be selected. All fees are to be paid in full before the puppy will be released to the buyer.

First Right of Recovery: If for any reason buyer is not able to keep this puppy/dog, we MUST be contacted and it will be REQUIRED that pup/dog is returned to us to insure no pup ends up in the wrong hands or any animal shelter or rescue, this is NOT an option. The original purchase price of the puppy is non-refundable. The buyer also agrees that the breeder is not responsible for any stress, damages, or injuries caused by any puppies once the puppy leaves the breeders’ property. Under no circumstances are any puppies/dogs to be sold to a pet store, broker, puppy mill or surrendered to a shelter. We love and care for our dogs and want to be notified immediately if you can no longer care for them. If we are NOT contacted in the event said dog/pup cannot be kept and said dog/pup returned to us, a $2,000  pentalty will be imposed and buyer will be responsible for any an all court cost in the county of the Seller (Saline County,Arkansas)

Pet/Companion or Show/Breeding Prospect: All puppies are sold with AKC or APRI Registration papers, either Limited or Full.

_______ This puppy is sold on LIMITED Registration. It is understood that this puppy will NOT be used for breeding under any circumstances or at any time in their life. It is preferred that this dog will be spayed/neutered in the first 18 months of his/her life. Use of this dog for breeding will result in IMMEDIATE seizure by the breeder with no payment made by the breeder to the buyer. Buyer will owe a fee of $2,500 per pup produced to breeder if said pup is ever bred. AKC/ACA/APRI Paperwork will also need to be returned with a valid transfer signature. Legal routes will be pursued for failure to follow these rules, with the buyer assuming ALL court cost for buyer and breeder.

_______This puppy is sold on FULL REGISTRATION. It is eligible for all registry events and offspring will be eligible for registration. Please breed responsibly. We are always available for questions related to breeding/whelping. Breeder/Seller will Co-Own Pup with buyer and pup MUST be shown in AKC or APRI Conformation. As the Breeder,we DO offer Show Handling for ALL of our pups sold on Full Registration. Health Testing prior to breeding is REQUIRED. We absolutely DO NOT sell any of our pups for breeding to produce any kind of Doodle or Poodle Mix. NO EXCEPTIONS AT ALL! If it is found that the pup/dog has been used for Doodle or Poodle Mix breeding, Breeder reserves the right to repossess the said puppy/dog at BUYERS expense and at NO time will a refund be given and will result in a $5,000 fee per Doodle or Mix Puppy.

Buyer also agrees to have AKC or APRI registration complete and sent in by 6 months of age. Failure to do so voids the extended contract.

Health Guarantee: We offer a health guarantee against life-threatening genetic defects including severe hip dysplasia. We offer a 3 year guarantee for hips and eyes (including disorders such as retinal dysplasia and juvenile cataracts) and a 3 year guarantee for all other life-threatening genetic defects. Due to the varying kinds of foods and different environmental conditions the puppies come in contact with; and the fact that all puppies have immune systems that take time to mature, Viral, bacterial colds or infections such as Coccidia or Giardia (which are a form of worms) are easily treated and are not covered in our guarantee as they are natural things a puppy can pick up. Umbilical hernias, cryptorchidism, entropy, under bite, or overbite are also not covered. Puppies are naturally at risk for Coccidia, Giardia and worms which are often brought on by the stress of a new home, new food, new people, or just a change in the environment. Another thing that may show up when a puppy is taken to a new environment is kennel cough (Bordatella-a raspy cough is a symptom of this) which is common when puppies are transported to their new homes and is usually caused by bacteria. Kennel cough is self-limiting and like the common cold, must run its course. Full recovery is expected and kennel cough, Giardia, Coccidia on their own are not life threatening. We DO NOT Guarantee Against Parvo, as this is highly contagious and can be picked up after leaving breeders property and pup is NOT yet fully vaccinated against any communicable diseases. All puppies are treated and/or vaccinated for distemper, parvovirus, Coccidia, Giardia, and worms before they leave our kennel. However, you need to be aware that these things can arise and that most of them are not serious and are easily treated and we will not cover treatment for them. We DO NOT guarantee temperament as a dog is a product of its environment and training and we can only ensure the puppy is well socialized at the time it leaves our kennel. How the new owner chooses to raise this dog will be a major determining factor regarding its temperament and personality. You are solely responsible for socializing/training properly. Obedience classes are highly recommended with a trainer who knows the breed and a credited trainer. 

Should a return be indicated, Buyer must notify Seller within 72 hours of the veterinarian visit, and the arrangement and cost of returning the dog is the Buyer’s responsibility. Any vet bills incurred are also the responsibility of the Buyer. No money will be returned for any reason to the buyer. A written statement by the examining vet will be required. In order to cover hip dysplasia, OFA’s must be done between the age of 24 and 26 months. We must be notified within 7 days of results. Your dog must not have been used as a stud or whelped a litter. There cannot be signs of injury, abuse or neglect and dog must neither be overweight or over-exercised. We do not require you to return your dog, but do require verification of the dog being spayed or neutered. We are not responsible for any veterinarian or transportation costs. If dog receives a failed CERF exam, we must also be notified within 7 days. Injuries do not qualify for guarantee, only genetic defects that will lead to blindness.

In our ongoing commitment to breeding dogs with excellent health backgrounds, we do ask Buyer to notify us of any health problems that arise in a dog bred here, that may have a genetic basis. Replacement will be made with a puppy of equal value as litters allow. You will be responsible to cover extra cost if you want a puppy that would be sold for more than the puppy you bought. Replacements must be chosen within 2 years and Seller has up to two years to replace pup as long as said breeder is still breeding the said breed. NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN! ONLY REPLACEMENTS!


The buyer shall provide proper nutrition, vet care, shelter, and exercise. If the dog is found to be neglected or abused, the breeder has the right to take the dog at anytime without payment or replacement. It is a privilege to own an animal. We do not tolerate abuse or neglect to our animals.

I acknowledge that this is a legal and binding contract and have reviewed and agree to the terms listed above. The buyer will maintain vaccinations, worming, and keep the puppy in humane conditions with proper food, water, and shelter. This contract applies only to the original purchaser and is not transferable. When a deposit is received by us, the Buyer automatically agrees to the terms of this contract, even if the contract has not been signed yet.

I understand and agree to put Kling Valley(s) at the beginning of my pup/dogs registered name. Initial:______________ Date:__________________

If Buyer violates any part of this contract, all guarantees made by Seller in this Contract become VOID immediately. Furthermore, any legal action or litigation is to be in the county of Saline County,Arkansas the Seller's residence at time of claim. All of the seller’s attorney expenses will be paid by the buyer if seller is not at fault.


I/We have read the details of this contract and fully understand what I have read. I agree to abide to the conditions of this contract and if I do not comply with said contract, I understand the Contract becomes VOID immediately.


Buyers Signature: ________________________________________________________Date:_______________

Printed Name: ____________________________________________________________Date:______________


Phone Number:__________________________________________



Seller’s Signature:____________________________________________Date: _______________

Seller’s Printed Name:_____________________________________________________________

Nicole Phillips KlngVllyPoodles@aol.com

PO BOX 573 www.facebook.com/KlingValleyPoodles

Bryant,Arkansas 72089


Photos & current updates are highly appreciated! Thank you so much for choosing us for your new family member!!